Skydive Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava, in the heart of Alt Empordà, is a global benchmark for skydiving.

Skydive Empuriabrava is one of the three most prominent high performance centres in the world. Skydivers from all the continents are attracted by the ideal weather conditions for this sport, as well as by the aerodrome facilities.

Babylon, the prestigious competition team, trains here. Created in 1998, Babylon has won seven gold medals in Free Fly and in the Skydiving category at World Class level. From now onwards, indoor facilities that are complementary to this high performance skydiving centre are available to the most demanding professionals as well as to people who wish to experience first-hand the sensation of flying. Windoor Real Fly Wind Tunnel in Empuriabrava provides the ideal environment for all adventure seekers and lovers of extreme sports, without any risk, as well as for top skydiving professionals.

These two types of public will boost tourism in this area of Girona, well known for its culture, gastronomy and landscapes. The sports dimension will be reinforced from autumn, with the Wind Tunnel coming into operation. Travel agencies can take advantage of the interest created by the indoor simulator by arranging package trips to the Empuriabrava region, which will boost the local economy. It should not be overlooked that 27 direct jobs will be created in the area in the short term as a result of this activity, as well as numerous indirect ones.

Catalonia has a long-standing tradition of adventure sports, which will help consolidate the complex’s reputation as a top destination.

For the past 15 years, the Empuriabrava aerodrome has been the main location in Europe for skydiving. This is due to the weather conditions, the tourism and the infrastructure, a world benchmark for the sport both in a professional and leisure capacity.

Why not make Empuriabrava the world’s number one venue for skydiving? We have all the advantages of a wind tunnel and a skydiving simulator with top design features and the latest technology, an ideal complement. For many years, visitors to the centre have eagerly awaited this project.

For skydivers, Empuriabrava is an ideal location to train, to improve their flying skills and to rub shoulders with the world’s top professionals and teams. Amateurs can discover this exciting activity in a fun, adrenaline-inducing environment. Anyone from age five upwards can fly in the Wind Tunnel, even people of an advanced age.

Our aim is to make Empuriabrava the world’s top skydiving destination. The location and infrastructure together with the concept we wish to create will enable us to fulfill this ambition.

The team of professionals responsible for the Empuriabrava project already has certain experience. Since 2007, the company Freezone has also been the developer of two wind tunnels in Moscow. They have pooled their expertise with that of their associates in the Czech Republic and Spain to create this new site.