How to ride the Flowrider?


01. Proper board position

Place slick side facing down Flowrider logo facing up board’s round tail at stomach

02. Gentle entry

Place board into flow and aim toward the front-center

03. Use of legs

Control your movement by using your legs as rudders

04. Elbows and hands on top

Keep your elbows in and fingers on top of board rail

05. Push down = go down

06. Pull up = go up

07. Lean to turn


01. Proper board position

Slick side facing down nose of board facing flow

02. Rear foot position

Place foot (left or right) on tail of board

03. Front foot position

Place foot (left or right) on front-middle of board

04. Enter from the side or the top of ride

05. Keep all weight on rear foot when riding

06. Bend knees to help balance