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Being a tunnel instructor is a unique job that has been gaining ground over recent years. As a public-facing position, it allows you to work directly with customers, accompanying them on their flight experience, teaching, training, enjoying and working in the world of sport, chiefly indoor flying.

Every year Windoor runs courses in which men and women train to become instructors. The profession has a high rate of employability and is increasingly in demand.

Windoor boasts an examiner from the tunnelinstructor.org association. This means that we are one of the few
tunnels that can train instructors whose qualifications are valid for work throughout Europe.

What kind of instructors are there?

Depending on the instructor's skills, which are acquired through training, instructors are classified as follows:

  Instructors who have completed the basic course.
   Instructors who either work as a Spotter or oversee Twisters.
    Instructores que hacen todos los spottings y hacen twisters.
 &bnsp; &bnsp; Instructors trained as coaches.
 &bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp;&bnsp; Instructors trained as examinors.


Do you need to have previous experience?

Previous experience is not necessary. If you have some tunnel experience or you are a skydiver, it will be of some
help, but on no account is it essential.

How long does an instructor course last?

In order to obtain the basic instructor qualification you will need to receive practical and theoretical training. There are approximately six hours of theory, and practical lessons consist of between six and 15 hours of tunnel. Training is carried out every day for between 45 minutes and one hour. As such, the course will last between 10 and 21 days.

What does the duration of the course depend on?

It will depend on how quickly you are able to grasp the concepts that you are taught. In other words, the duration
of the course adapts to you, not the other way around..

Who will be the examiner?

Josh O'Donoghue has more than 10 years’ experience and is well known in the indoor flying and skydiving
community. The young Englishman is a key figure in the sport.
He is currently based in Empuriabrava and works as a tunnel instructor at Windoor. Josh always gets the best out
of students' full potential and is a role model in the world of indoor dynamic flying.

How much does the course cost?

The theoretical portion is free. However, a fee is charged for the practical portion. The final cost depends on the
hours of practice that each student needs to pass the final exam.

When is the next instructor course?

The next course begins on 11 May, 2019. Don't hang about and train to become a tunnel instructor now.


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